Coal Plant

CO2: we must pay our debts

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme has been widely criticized. But after its revamp last year, emitting greenhouse gases will begin to cost more – and outdoor companies can participate voluntarily ...
Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards

Inaugural Innovation Awards Focus on Sustainability

At Outdoor Retailer’s first Innovation Awards ceremony at Winter Market, many of the winners and finalists put the focus squarely on advancements in sustainability ...

Fossil free in wider circles

A project by Vaude has demonstrated that choosing renewable energy over oil and coal is a no-brainer, especially when production occurs in countries with good access to green energy ...
REI Northwest

‘Tis the season to… What was it we’re supposed to be doing?

While most retailers drool at the thought of hordes of unhinged consumers ahead of the holidays, others like REI and Patagonia use the occasion to protest – and refocus on things of greater value ...
Juan Carlos Muños Robredo / Rewilding Europe

Making Europe a Wilder Place

Bison grazing at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, wild horses galloping across the Iberian Peninsula, brown bears wandering the hillsides just outside of Rome. Wait, what century are we talking about? ...
Diversifying MEC's Marketing

Diversifying MEC’s Marketing

More and more research finds that people of diverse ethnic backgrounds are active in the outdoors – why hasn’t outdoor marketing caught on? ...

Featured Story

REI's Rising Tide

REI’s Rising Tide

$2.6 Billion in annual revenues – when the American outdoor retailer Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) makes a move, the outdoor industry pays attention. Luckily, this giant is of the friendly variety ...


Public Lands Battle 2.0

Public Lands Battle 2.0

The outdoor community’s rally of support for public lands has been dubbed the “tip of the spear.” OIA's Executive Director Amy Roberts explains what happened, why, and where this spear may thrust next ...
Help forests help us

Help forests help us

Carbon capture still sound like science fiction? Well, there's already a proven, organic solution you may have heard of that has worked for millions of years – it's called the forest ...
Do your best, offset the rest?

Do your best, offset the rest?

After doing everything else to reduce carbon emissions, one way for companies and individuals to take responsibility for whatever emissions remain is carbon offsetting. Suston meets with Myclimate's Marketing Manager Kai Landwehr to learn more ...
China's National Parks Reinvented

China’s National Parks Reinvented

The plan to make ten huge national parks around China has rolled out. But nature conservancy is nothing new to China. In fact, one could argue this is where it all began ...
Leaving Zero (Carbon) Footprints

Leaving Zero (Carbon) Footprints

British photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have been living a low-impact lifestyle for decades, demonstrating that the good life needn’t be a carbon-intensive one. Now they have a mission: to leverage the power of photographs to help others go carbon neutral ...
Stores with a cause defy "death of retail"

Stores with a cause defy “death of retail”

Retail consultant Anny Cardinahl explains why passion for sustainability can bring new clients to outdoor stores ...