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The Fantastic Five

The Fantastic Five

Ski-touring in Northern Norway, ice skating in Swedish Lapland or winter kayaking in Stockholm’s frosty archipelago – with a minimum ecological impact. Meet five adventurers from Scandinavia’s outdoor elite who pursue their passions along with the greatest concern for the ...


Fair insulation

Fair insulation

More than 400,000 mountain sheep live in the harsh mountainous landscape of the Swiss Alps. Each year, they provide approximately ...
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Award-winning eco-tourism

Award-winning eco-tourism

Last year was designated as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations. One of the ...

Zero trash tolerance

The Swedish cross-country ski race Vasaloppet holds many accolades, including it being among the oldest (celebrating its centenary in 2022) ...
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Blend Recycling Breakthrough

Blend Recycling Breakthrough

In November 2017, the Swedish cross-disciplinary research program Mistra Future Fashion announced a major breakthrough in recycling polyester/cotton fiber blends ...
It's Great Out There

Grant to students

A group of students from Germany have enjoyed their first major outdoor experience thanks in part to a grant from ...
River Blue Film Suston

Dirty denim getting cleaner?

Canadian river activist Mark Angelo has paddled waterways all over the world for decades. In River Blue, a new featurelength ...


Stores with a cause

Stores with a cause

Retail consultant Anny Cardinahl explains why passion for sustainability can bring new clients to outdoor stores. With the catchline “the death of retail” appearing regularly in the headlines, you needed strong nerves to be a ...
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Redefining retail

Far from the glossy high-street corners of high-end retailers, Langbrett finds itself in obscure parts of town where customers are encouraged to join the community, to get involved, or to simply hang out. Leaving the ...
Facts you should know about microplastics

Facts you should know about microplastics

We are becoming increasingly aware of the problems caused by microplastics. Suston gives you a quick lesson on the subject. What are microplastics and where do they come from? Microplastics are defined as tiny fragments ...
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Responsible Wool Standard

Responsible Wool Standard – a safe solution?

Larger brands are increasingly waking up to the PR nightmare when an animal rights group exposes cruel treatment of sheep in their supply chain. Can the Responsible Wool Standard guarantee that the sheep have been ...
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Hit by the storm

In summer 2015, video footage showing the maltreatment of sheep in Argentina went viral, with the animal rights organization PETA accusing the network Ovis 21. Once seen as a sustainability pioneer in the industry, Ovis ...
Pros and Cons of Recycled Wool

Pros and cons of recycled wool

Prato is the European center for recycled wool. Anna Rodewald tells about its sustainability aspects. Recycled wool has emerged as a new material favorite. Yet in the Prato province of Northeastern Italy, home to one ...