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Novel (corona) Challenges

With three of its subsidiaries topping the lists of the latest Sustainable Brand Index, Fenix Outdoor’s sustainability reputation has been steadily on the rise. 2020 has thrown a curve ball, however, so Suston reached out to hear how the pandemic has affected their sustainability programs.

By Jonathan Fraenkel-Eidse

Higg: Ten Years in the Making

Since 2009, major players and competitors from the textile industry have tried to collaborate on the quest for the ideal tool to assess and improve their environmental impact. Suston tells the story about the birth, obstacles and comeback of the Higg Index.

By Samuel Dixneuf

An Out-of-Office Experience

If a few potted plants in the office window can increase productivity and creativity with up to 15%, and reduce stress by 37%, what would an entire forest be capable of? Suston’s editor Jonathan Fraenkel-Eidse uses lockdown to find out.

By Jonathan Fraenkel-Eidse

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