Can the industry support the rising interest for the outdoors and convert it into care for nature? Can brands and retailers reduce the ecological footprint of a growing outdoor community and remain profitable? Come find out!

During this digital two-day event, we will meet sustainability pioneers and activists from the outdoor community who champion interesting solutions. Together with the audience, we explore two main themes that are particularly relevant for the outdoor community at this historic point:

Day 1: From Active to Activist

After years of steady growth, the Summer season of 2020 was a time when thousands of outdoor novices discovered the benefits of spending time in nature. How can we support the novices, and help even more people get involved? And how can we encourage the outdoor community towards a conscious movement for better environmental stewardship?

Day 2: When Less is More

The best way to reduce production impacts is to simply produce less. Does a growing outdoor community necessarily require a growing amount of clothes and gear? Or are there smart, profitable and sustainable ways to instead reduce materials, energy and waste? How can brands and retailers support a positive movement without a growing negative impact?

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