Child in Reima clothes on a bicycle

Outfitting the Future Generation

Reima is the top international brand focusing on kids’ performance wear only. For spring 2019, Reima introduces sustainably designed garments that make the warm times of the year safer and more comfortable for children.

Since its founding in Finland in 1944, Reima has gradually evolved from a Nordic specialist into a global market leader in its niche: premium functional tip-to-toe wear for children aged 0 to 12. The brand’s main export item is kids’ joy of movement, made possible by a comprehensive collection of protective functional apparel for all seasons and climates. For Reima, products that are versatile, durable, and natural are key to sustainability. Spring 2019 is no exception.

Considering the wellbeing of generations to come, Reima actively offers versatile, transformable products that can reduce consumption. Many key items of the Reima SS19 collection are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1. They are easily adaptable from early spring to summer, and they can even be used all year round as part of multi-layer outfits.
Children in Reima clothes with paddles

Durable design

Durability from one child to another is another key element in Reima design, and when it comes to synthetic fibres, it pays to give them a long product life. While Reima’s current cooperation with Finland’s largest second-hand web store Emmy is proving this in practice, reuse isn’t enough – the goal must be to close the loop on synthetics in order to prevent them ending up in landfills and the environment. This is why Reima is taking part in the EU funded recycling project Trash2Cash, which aims at recycling post-consumer clothes back to fibres, fabric and new clothing items.

Also, while synthetic fibres are utterly practical, they can cause trouble by shedding microscopic particles of fibres during use, in the wash and especially during tumble-drying. While the industry is working to find other alternatives, Reima is offering the Guppyfriend washing bag to its consumers and retailers, which catches 99% of microplastic shedding that would otherwise end up directly in marine environments.

Go natural

In autumn 2018, Reima will introduce its Green Line range consisting of products made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, guaranteed to be non-toxic and ecological. In Spring 2019, Reima will continue its sustainability efforts using fluorocarbon-free water and dirt repellent finishes that allow consumers to launder less, and adding more organic cotton and more of the nature-friendly fiber Tencel® to its products.

Reima’s Spring Collection is indeed another strong step towards Reima’s mission to enable kids to explore the great outdoors, and rule over water, wind, sun – with safe and sustainable solutions. While this all should be enough to keep the Earth and parents happy, it is ultimately the world’s most honest and tough test group who matter most to Reima: children.

Reima at OutDoor: Hall A5 / Stand 401


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