A woman and a man hiking in Vaude-clothes

Listen to the Green Heart

Sustainable experiences will stay with you. New doors open up. Fresh perspectives that both change us and bring about change in our lives.

As a true eco pioneer, German brand VAUDE is not afraid to head down a path that’s uncertain or unconventional. Last season, with the launch of the VAUDE Green Shape Core Collection, a new chapter in the history of environmentally-friendly outdoor apparel began. The collection’s unmitigated success and numerous awards confirm the concept. For Summer 2019, this story of success continues: A thoroughly sustainable collection, now including 14 pieces, offering a host of innovative and exclusive material advancements and versatile enough to cover a broad range of outdoor activities. The concept of multiuse continues to play a central role, but when it comes to biking, VAUDE pays particular attention to a high level of functionality.

The pieces are conceptualized as a layering system, perfectly coordinated in design and performance to function together, from base layer to technical shorts and windbreaker. About 90 % of the diverse textile materials used in the production process are bio-based, recycled or purely natural materials. Unconventional, renewable raw materials such as Kapok plant fibers, finest merino wool blended with recycled polyester or bio-based plastics from castor oil are used.

As VAUDE CEO Antje von Dewitz says: “The Green Shape Core Collection is a testimony to our ‘green’ soul – it embodies our ecological and social values, and testifies to the essence of what motivates VAUDE as a brand. With it, we would like to prove that taking a stand for sustainability – whole-heartedly and in a spirit of innovation – truly pays.”

A man and a women biking in Vaude-clothes

Functional Jacket 4.0 made of 32 recycled PET bottles.


Vaude core collection logo


  • Material innovations initiated together with VAUDE partners
  • Bio-based and natural fibers instead of fossil resources
  • Preventing waste by using recycled materials
  • Natural materials with natural functional properties
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Fair working conditions


  • Value-based consumption: Less is more
  • Can be combined in many ways
  • Universal use for many outdoor activities
  • Ergonomic, layer-optimized designs
  • Performance with a feel-good factor


  • Unique Sustainable Collection
  • Visionary, progressive design
  • Consistent conservation of resources
  • Modern, timeless looks
  • Highest quality & durability
  • Multiple awards


Vaude logo

VAUDE at OutDoor: Hall A1 / 300



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