HUGE Treasure Hunt Now Underway

The longest recreational trail in the world – Canada’s aptly named Great Trail – is celebrating its first birthday with a massive treasure hunt stretching across its 24,000 km. A needle in a haystack suddenly sounds like good odds, eh?

How does one celebrate the first birthday of The Great Trail? With a ridiculously huge treasure hunt, of course! The newly completed Great Trail is now the longest recreational trail in the world, exceeding the previous title-holder The Grand Italian Trail by a factor of 4. From August 26-October 31, one-hundred treasure chests will be placed along its whopping length. Do the math, and that adds up to about one tiny box every 240 km.

To give them a fighting chance, treasure hunters will be provided with weekly clues as to the treasure chests’ whereabouts, with the final clue being issued on September 30th.

In case exploring Canada’s spectacular wildernesses is not incentive enough, outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op, Keen Footwear and others have sponsored the event with prizes galore for the lucky few who first find the treasure boxes. Latecomers needn’t dismay, and can still cast their name into a draw. The grand-prize winner will then be announced on November 1st in Ottawa, who will receive a trip for two with One Ocean Expeditions.

The Great Trail is a multi-use trail where visitors and local “Canucks” can find enough hiking, biking, horseback riding and paddling routes to last a lifetime. It stretches from the coasts of the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans and winds through the towering Rocky Mountains, the endless Prairies, the frozen Tundra, and the forests and lakes of the Canadian Shield in between.

The event sponsors want to entice Canadians to get off the couch and discover their country’s newest crown jewel, to get in shape and to learn more about Canada.


Photo: Trans-Canada Trail

Jonathan Eidse

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