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Looking for an award-winning sustainable destination for your next vacation? The World Travel Awards have been around since 1993 and the award ceremonies have since spread out across the world, celebrating and recognising individual and collective success in the industry.

This year started with the Middle East Gala Ceremony in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, followed by the European Ceremony in Athens, Greece. On September 3, it was time for Asia and Australasia, with the ceremony in Hongkong.

On each continent there are roughly 130 award categories, with several of them relating to sustainability in the tourism industry. For instance, the Middle East’s Responsible Tourism Award was won by Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, and Europe’s Leading Green Hotel was this year Sandymount Hotel in Ireland. At the event in Hong Kong September 3, Australasia’s Responsible Tourism Award went to New Zealand’s Treetops Lodge & Estate for its work protecting the forest surrounding the lodge and restoring habitat.


Photo: Treetops Lodge & Estate

Gabriel Arthur

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