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Heading to the Fairs? These are the “must-see” Sustainability events

With back-to-back fairs, the next seven days are bound to be busy for outdoor folks. EOG’s Jane Turnbull and OIA’s Nikki Hodgson share which sustainability events you need to look out for.

First in the week’s line-up is Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver.  The Sustainability Working Group (SWG) generally hosts a barrage of sustainability-themed events and workshops at OR Winter and Summer Market. But with just two sessions on Day 1 – “Advancing Your Climate Strategy” and “Must-Haves for a Successful Sustainability Strategy” – the SWG presence at Snow Show will be a little more low key.

With less events to coordinate, Suston asks Nikki Hodgson, manager of sustainable business innovation at OIA, what she’ll be monitoring at the show:

“I think the big thing to look out for at Snow Show is around climate! From advocacy, collaboration, and supply chain, we’re seeing more momentum so I’m looking forward to continuing those conversations at this show (and into 2019)!”

ISPO Munich

Europe’s largest fair ISPO Munich, on the other hand, will boast a calendar packed with sustainability events. Suston reached Jane Turnbull, sustainability project manager at EOG, for her highlights:

“This year at ISPO we have 6 very exciting sustainability talks to present. Broadly speaking, the theme is ‘Sustainability and business – How to make changes and the tools to help’. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) will be presenting different aspects of the Higg module and demonstrating how they can be effectively used for product assessment to improve sustainability. The Circular Economy gets plenty of focus, with venture builders, Enviu discussing how to build a successful CE business model. Karla Magruda will also be talking about CE and how and where businesses need support to make changes towards a successful CE business model for the future. Finally, Quantis International will be deep diving into the concept of ‘life cycle assessment’ to help businesses get a better understanding of the methodology, so as to help develop successful sustainability strategies for the future.”

For more sustainability events at OR Snow Show and ISPO Munich, take a look here.


Photo: Stéphane Robin/GreenroomVoice



Nikki Hodgson

Nikki Hodgson

Manager of Sustainable Business Innovation, OIA

Jane Turnbull

Jane Turnbull

Sustainability Project Manager, EOG

Jonathan Fraenkel-Eidse

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