Looking After Kids – And Their Planet

In 2019, Reima will celebrate its 75th birthday with a collection free from harmful chemicals, increased recycled content and unique designs inspired and tested by outdoor life in Nordic nature.

The apparel industry’s reputation when it comes to pollution and waste has become well-known. But Reima fights this actively through intentional material and design choices. For example, Reima’s clothing is 100% PFC free, using non-toxic dirt and water repellants like Bionic-Finish Eco and renewably sourced, plant-based and bluesign approved EcoElite instead.

Reima’s aim is to continually increase the share of recycled material in its collections as it finds fabric solutions that meet its high durability standards, and its autumn/winter 2019 collection will feature more recycled polyester than ever before using material sourced from used PET bottles. But Reima aspires to go a step further and is also developing innovations with recycled fibers from old synthetic garments through the Trash-2-Cash project, closing the loop to create the most sustainable use of synthetic, non-biodegradable durable fibers.


Durability that goes the distance

Product longevity is itself an effective way to reduce waste, whereby a durable construction will ensure products last from season to season, child to child. And as of Spring 2019, customers will also be offered a repair kit containing a sheet of self-adhesive patch material, enabling waterproof repairs without having to sew one single stitch.

But finally, there comes a day when there are no more siblings in the family left to inherit the product, though it may still have many more years of potential use. Here, Reima helps extend the product lifespan even further by encouraging customers to sell their used clothes through Reima’s partner, Finland’s largest online store for preowned brand clothing. This in turn has had the great spin-off effect of convincing new customers of Reima’s quality and durability.

The Nordic way

In all its material and design decisions, Reima promotes the Nordic way of parenting that enables kids’ joy of movement and free play, in all seasons and climates. And when it comes to reducing the environmental and health impact of its products, Reima is convinced that what’s good for our kids is also good for our planet


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