By Land and by Sea

Home to pristine lake-speckled forests and a vast archipelago containing some 8,000 islands, West Sweden is the natural focal point for the adventurous and sustainable adventure tourism.

This September, the annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) will convene in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the industry will gather to talk shop and get inspired. But in this business, people tend to get fidgety if they have to sit still too long.

Fortunately, West Sweden’s incredible smorgasbord of adventure eco-tourism is close at hand, for summit delegates and visitors alike.

With its rich history and epic beauty, there’s also no shortage of fantastic hiking trails in West Sweden. Some trails follow the coastline, others jump from island to island via ferry, and others still meander the forests and cultural landscapes of the interior.

Using its unique lakeside hotel as a starting point, the local operator Upperud 9:9 offers visitors unique mountain biking and treks along a portion of the Pilgrim Trail, a heritage site-studded path that continues all the way from Dalsland to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.

A labyrinth of ocean passages between the islands which, aside from the occasional idyllic fishing village, are largely uninhabited: the west coast of Sweden is a kayaker’s wet dream. And several topnotch local operators are more than eager to share this gem. One such operator is Balanspunkten, who wants to impart its philosophy of kayaking as communing with nature and invites you to experience the open ocean horizons and narrow protected passages between the pink granite crags of Grundsund and Skaftö.

The Swede’s affinity to the sea cannot be understated, and here, seafood reigns supreme. Those with adventurous appetites can find an unforgettable treat with Catxalot’s seaweed safari. After learning to identify, sustainably harvest and prepare different edible species of seaweed, a lunch is served in a rustic harbor storehouse including – surprise! Seaweed! By land and by sea. By boots, bike, kayak and more – the wilder sides of West Sweden await.


More Activity Examples

Lagunen – paddle and cycle in
Kosterhavet National Park.
Evertrek – trekking on the islands of Marstrand and Dyrön.
Dalslands Aktiviteter – horseback riding with locally sourced cuisine in Dalsland.
Outdoor Support – cycle around historic Lake Åsunden.
Kajaktiv – cycle and paddle ”the world’s sweatiest art tour”.
Navens Outdoor – hiking and biking around Läckö Castle and Lake Vänern.


Photo: Roger Borgerlid/West Sweden

West Sweden

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