Shake the Habit: Bring Your Own!

For them to make any sense, reusables require that you actually use them. Again and again and again.

“We need to make people shake the habit and start using reusable products in their everyday life,” says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO and co-founder of this Swedish company based in Malmö, and with production in Västervik a few hours North.

The first time she herself brought the company’s foldable plastic cup into a famous coffee chain to buy a cappuccino to go, she felt a bit silly.

“‘But then why?’ I asked myself. I should be proud, because this is not only about changing my own patterns, but also showing others how to do it. Many people have the urge and will to get rid of disposables, but the issue feels too big. We want to make it simpler and fun!”

Besides the cups, Light My Fire has a broad collection of reusables. For instance the ReStraw, made of bioplastics with 76% BonSucre certified sugarcane – a material that most of their products are made of since this year. In a world where over 500 million disposable plastic straws are thrown in the garbage every day, this is a relevant product that provides some food for thought.

“Keep the straw in your handbag! Travel with it! It’s about reminding yourself, the next generation and people around you that you can show the way and be part of the change.”

Another one of Light My Fire’s missions is to provide answers to the various questions surrounding plastic products. What are bioplastics? Biodegradable plastics? What materials can be recycled? On the company’s website, the “Little School of Plastics” provides a quick way to educate customers and support this important discussion.

Light My Fire of Sweden