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How can leading outdoor companies do business in a responsible way? Next week, ISPO Munich will dedicate a separate area to this question at the Sustainability Hub. Suston asks five industry actors what we can expect this year.


Suston: Greenroom Voice offers guided tours every day. How does it work and what do you share?

Anna:  This year at ISPO, GreenroomVoice will run a showcase about bio-based and biodegradable materials. For this, we invite partners to present best practice examples from the raw-material and product side as well as testing and standardization. The GreenroomVoice Transparency Tours guide visitors through the different examples, and each day 3–5 of the partners will present their topics personally, letting visitors meet the makers behind the projects.


Suston: Brands for Good focus on social aspects of sustainability. What will you showcase at ISPO?

Frank:  Besides the presentation of diverse new social and sustainable projects and products, we will focus on the great work of Protect Our Winters (POW) and the European Outdoor Group (EOG). With an exciting “Get together Breakfast” on Monday morning (9.00-10.00am), we will launch together with snowboard legend Jeremy Jones POW Europe. We will also take a closer look at the impact of CSR on the corporate culture! Get inspired and visit us in the Sustainability Hub in Hall A2.


Suston: The Sustainability Hub in keeps growing. What are the major themes this year?

Kim: This year we do not only cover the status quo of the projects and initiatives of brands, organizations and projects but look forward into the future. We will provide an overview of the industry with around 70 projects and lots of international brands presenting their sustainability roadmaps. We are very pleased about this and expect further development, especially in collaborations and joint projects, where we will offer high-class panel discussions on the various aspects of sustainability.


Suston: From your perspective as a journalist, what are the biggest benefits of the Hub?

Gabriel: For starters, I get many editorial ideas by listening to presentations, talking with the people there afterwards and getting inspiration from the various exhibits. The networking is another important part, whereby the Sustainability Hub has become a natural meeting point for sustainability-minded attendees. Last but not least – there’s this positive energy there. There’s a feeling that this is where the most interesting things are happening at the show.


Suston: From your perspective, what are the benefits of the Sustainability Hub?

Katy: With the Sustainability hub being a ‘one stop shop’ for the latest news and breakthroughs around the theme of sustainability, it gives visitors peace of mind that they will receive the latest, up to date information on topics relevant to them. The presentations provide deep dives into relevant topics and give the opportunity to further information through the Q&A sessions, while the displays allow for more relaxed, leisurely updates.

Suston: The European Outdoor Group organizes seminars and panel discussions there. What themes do you highlight this year?

Katy: This year we are revisiting the overarching topic of transparency, firstly in wool supply chains where knowing your supply chains and building the necessary relationships is the key to successful sourcing. Secondly we are addressing transparency from a social aspect and how we must change the ways we work to meaningfully improving labor conditions. We also focus this year on new business approaches, firstly looking at how new technologies and digital opportunities can bring sustainable improvements as well as looking specifically at circular business models.


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