It’s Great Out There

Suston asks the new leader of It’s Great Out There, Margo De Lange, what the coalition is up to.

Can you share a bit of the Coalition’s background and purpose?

“The It’s Great Out There Coalition is a unique not-for-profit collaboration on a European level. It was launched by the outdoor industry in 2017 to get Europe active outdoors and increase public awareness of the benefits and positive impact of outdoor activities for individuals and for society. The Coalition motivates people to get more active outdoors, activates people and projects and advocates for outdoor activity on all political levels securing investments in outdoor activity and outdoor conservation simultaneously.”

How does the Coalition work to realize its purpose?

“In January 2020 we will launch a new Ambassador programme to highlight great efforts from individuals all around Europe to get themselves or others more active outdoors. It is part of our mission to take away all the potential barriers that prevent people from being active outdoors. Lack of time is the single most important reason for people not to be active enough. We have to convince people it’s worth their time to get out there to enjoy nature with good company and build memories that will last a lifetime.”

Congratulations on your new position leading the Coalition! Can you share a bit about yourself and where your passions lie?

“Whilst coming from the flattest part of Europe, I have always been enchanted by the mountains. Ski touring, for me personally, is the summum of mountain sports but regular activities also include trail running, hiking, climbing, mountaineering and the odd ice-climbing adventure”

– Margo De Lange, Policy Officer, It’s Great Out There Coalition


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