Relentlessly Responsible

PrimaLoft is fully committed to sustainability in every aspect of its business. The brand is pushing the limits of material science forward, resulting in the perfect balance between performance and responsibility.

PrimaLoft’s mission to be Relentlessly Responsible™ has resulted in exciting breakthrough innovations within the past few years. In fall 2018 PrimaLoft® Bio™, the world’s first biodegradable*, 100% recycled synthetic insulation and fabric, was launched. The intention of this unique technology is to address the eventual end of life of a garment in an impactful way, while finding a solution for the industry- wide microplastics issue.

PrimaLoft Bio fibers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and break down when exposed to specific environments – such as a landfill or the ocean. The complete biodegradation process leaves behind only natural elements: water, methane, carbon dioxide, biomass and humus – a common component of potting soil. Independent third-party laboratory tests also confirmed that the process leaves behind no harmful substances and does not inhibit plant growth. PrimaLoft Bio fibers will only biodegrade when exposed to the microbes in landfills or ocean water. Thus, the material remains highly durable throughout its usable life cycle in a garment. Moreover, PrimaLoft Bio fibers are proven to be renewable for use in a circular economy.

Beginning in fall 2020 products using PrimaLoft Bio will be available from various brands such as Jack Wolfskin, Maloja, Norrøna, Reusch and many more.

Reduced carbon emissions

Recently, another industry-changing innovation was presented. PrimaLoft P.U.R.E.™ is a proprietary manufacturing technique that reduces carbon emissions by nearly 50%. This new standard in manufacturing technology allows the use of air, instead of heat from an oven, to produce PrimaLoft insulation – a brilliant shift in the process, that will make a huge difference in the environment.

The initial insulation product being produced with P.U.R.E. manufacturing technology uses 100% post-consumer recycled material and has all the insulating and performance benefits of existing PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. Converting the yearly production of PrimaLoft Gold Insulation to P.U.R.E. manufacturing results in: 48% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions**, 348,111 lbs of carbon dioxide reduction** and 438,617 miles of carbon dioxide savings, which is which is equivalent to driving around the earth 17.6 times**.

In the fall of 2020, Patagonia will become the first brand partner to incorporate insulation that is produced with the PrimaLoft P.U.R.E. manufacturing technology.

Ocean plastic partnership

Early fall 2019, PrimaLoft announced a strategic partnership with Parley for the Oceans and Adidas, that will take plastic intercepted from beaches and coastal communities and use it to manufacture high-performance insulation products. PrimaLoft is the first insulation provider in the textile industry to partner with Parley to develop products made from marine plastic waste. PrimaLoft engineers have met the challenge of developing a special method, one that allows for marine plastics to produce insulation products that meet the company’s high-performance standards.

Together with long-standing partner Adidas, PrimaLoft will join forces in the strategic development of high-performance, sustainability-conscious products. One key focus in this partnership will be the introduction of Adidas apparel that features PrimaLoft insulation made with Parley Ocean Plastic™. This collective collaboration between PrimaLoft, Parley and Adidas is a win for each brand, as well as the environment. Parley chips from marine plastic waste. In Fall 2019, a strategic partnership between Parley for the Oceans, PrimaLoft and Adidas was announced.

*93.8% biodegradation in 586 days under ASTM D5511 conditions (landfill environment); 65.5% biodegradation in 639 days under ASTM D6691 conditions (marine/ocean environment). The stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean that the product will continue to degrade.
** Calculations based on single-year production of 40- 100gsm PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation. Calculations verified by independent third-party, SGS North America, Inc.


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