EOCA’s Plastic Pledge

In 2020, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) has challenged exhibitors at ISPO Munich to adopt the Plastic Pledge. EOCA explains what it’s about.

Can you share what the Plastic Pledge is about?

“As part of our Plastic Free: Mountain to Sea campaign, the Plastic Pledge was launched just before Outdoor by ISPO last June to get exhibiting companies to think about the amount of single-use plastic that they used during one 4 day trade show. It focuses, in particular, on the vast amounts of single-use plastic used to provide refreshments and commits signees to encourage the use of reusable cups, glasses and bottles, to provide drinking water which visitors can use to top up their reusables, and not to use single-use plastic to serve their food and drinks, amongst other things.

The reaction to the EOCA Plastic Pledge during OutDoor by ISPO 2019 surpassed all expectations. Exhibitors reported that this pledge was the nudge they needed to implement these changes. One exhibitor reported they had reduced waste on their stand by 75%.”

How many exhibitors have signed up?

“EOCA is now calling on more exhibitors to sign and implement the Pledge at ISPO 2020. This is open to all exhibitors to the show – EOCA members and non-members. The more companies that sign the pledge, the more of a difference can be made reducing single-use plastic and thereby reducing our impact on the climate. At the time of writing, 69 exhibitors have signed the Plastic Pledge ahead of ISPO 2020.”

What are some of the most important steps exhibitors can take to reduce single-use plastic?

“Aside from refreshments, you can think about other single-use plastic involved in getting your stand and product to the show and home again afterwards. Can you wrap pallets differently, with something reusable? What giveaways do you have on the stand and will they be thrown away as soon as the recipient gets home? Rent or reuse your stand rather than building a new one each time. Consider ditching single-use carpet altogether. Finally, visitors to the show can also show their support to removing single-use plastic from trade shows by traveling to and around the show with their own reusable bottles and other items, and refusing single-use plastic items. Reusable bottles and cups will be available on the EOCA stand (A2.100) as part of the Conservation Fundraiser which runs throughout the show and raises money for the projects we support, thanks to the generosity of our members.”

– Tanya Bascombe & Catherine Savidge, General Managers, EOCA






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