How Do You Currently Dispose of…?

The EOG-supported Demeto Project aims to develop innovative microwave-based processes to enable the indefinite chemical recycling of PET. If you’re working in the textile supply chain, they’d really like to hear from you in this quick survey!

The DEMETO project is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework.  The project – “Modular, Scalable and High-Performance De-polymerization by Microwave Technology’ (DEMETO)” – aims to build a full and industrial grade pilot plant and using its innovative technology, develop a feasible industrial application of chemical treatment for reuse of PET/Polyester waste streams that is also economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.
Using a microwave-based process, it enables the recovery of polyester monomers with the same quality of those from virgin sources. Closing the PET life-cycle loop through a circular economy value chain is thus made possible, and the de-polymerization can additionally reduce plastics market dependency from natural resources and improve the environmental footprint of PET production.
In its role of intermediate between project team and brands, the EOG will be contributing to an advisory board, conveying opinions and brand requirements to help shape the technology and its performance into a viable technology as a step towards a more circular economy for polyester, a fiber widely used in the outdoor industry.

Demeto needs your input

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has developed a survey around the pathways of textile materials and garments at their “end of life” to help inform the project, and would like to invite anyone with experience in the textile supply chain (brands, mills, suppliers, retailers) to participate.

The survey aims to establish what happens to product and waste at its “end of life” (including post-consumer, returns and excess stock), in order to gain insight into the collection of feedstock for innovative technologies such as this.

The survey is quick and easy to fill in and can be found here

The survey will close on Friday 24th April.


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