Virtual Performance Awards

Though traditionally held in Munich, this year’s Performance Awards ceremony goes off without a hitch – digitally – awarding two innovative fabrics with high sustainability credentials.

Scheduled for April 22-23 in Munich, Performance Days was one of the first large events within the outdoor industry’s fair cycle to have to reinvent itself on account of Covid-19. The organizers were able to respond quickly, however, creating a virtual alternative: The Digital Fair. Here, visitors were able to experience everything from the real fair, only in digital form.

Digital awards ceremony

One major visitor highlight at Performance Days is its Performance Awards, where a jury awards the latest fabric innovations. This time they had to do things a little differently, yet after evaluating over 1,000 fabrics the jury met up virtually and named this year’s winners in two award categories: Performance Award and Eco Performance Award. Here’s a look at this year’s winners:

Eco Performance Award: Stotz Eco Ventile 205

This fabric, well-suited for coats, proves that natural fibres do fit into the sports context. It is made of 32% hemp and 68% organic cotton. Due to its densely woven construction, the fabric is windproof, but at the same time it offers good breathability thanks to the natural fibres. Exactly what’s needed for a sportswear outfit that is suitable for windy days. The material can also withstand a rain shower, because it is equipped with a PFC-free DWR. The jury found that the look and feel of the fabric make it a good example of how well natural fibres can be integrated into a sporty application.

Performance Award: BenQ OD677

This 3-layer laminate’s outer and inner fabric are made from 100% recycled polyester and laminated with the Xpore membrane. This membrane is manufactured completely solvent-free and without the use of water. Because it is made of polyolefin, its ingredients are only the chemical elements carbon and hydrogen. The PFC-free Xpore membrane, together with the monomaterial for top and bottom, can be recycled without any problems and without the generation of harmful substances during thermal treatment. This laminate also performs well in terms of function: With a water column of 18,000 mm and a breathability of over 10,000 g/m²/24h, the laminate is also suitable for strenuous sports thanks to the hydrophobic, nanoporous membrane. BenQ also offers a variety of laminates with this membrane, e.g. with 100% recycled polyamide as well as with organic cotton and sustainable fibre blends – so a wide range of laminates with different looks and and feel are available.

Missed the webinars?

In addition to the above awards and product presentations, a slew of expert-led, sustainability-themed webinars were made available covering such topics as climate protection, greenwashing and more. If you missed them, they can still be accessed here.


Photo: Performance Days


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