Sustainability Solutions Unveiled at Performance Days

Another Performance Days fair demonstrates that sustainability is becoming the foundation of the performance textiles industry.

Two days of inspiration, filled with fabrics, accessories, panels and presentations on the focus topic: “Nothing to waste – Closing the loop.” It was the second edition of Performance Days, which took place in a digital format.

Circular business models, innovative materials and processes that allow material resources to stay in the loop are becoming a priority for brands, manufacturers and suppliers. This is undoubtedly what made the focus topic of this edition of Performance Days edition such a valuable resource to many players in the textile industry.

Performance Forum

Next to hundreds of materials sorted into six categories, which are presented in the well-known “Marketplace,” the 100% Jury Like is what many visitors are most interested in. Not exactly an award, the idea is that jury members inspect all items submitted by the exhibitors and nominate the items they wish to highlight in the Performance Forum. If all jury members agree on one item, this is marked as “100% Jury Like.”

Due to the focus topic, many exhibited materials were either recycled or recyclable, most of them being based on synthetic materials with some natural fibres on offer and digitally available online. See the recipients here.

Sustain & Innovate

The program during the digital fair as well as the conference “Sustain & Innovate,” which took place in cooperation with “SPORTSFASHION by SAZ,” was an inspirational platform for designers, product managers and sourcing experts. The interactive format presented suppliers, brands, new materials, recycled resources, traceability tools via science-based targets and sustainable business solutions. Here, leading industry experts discussed the opportunities and challenges of a sustainable functional textile world.

All the speeches, panels, discussion, materials, suppliers and exhibitors are available online at, where visitors can also find lots of valuable information around the focus topic.

Kudos to the Performance Days team, who managed to organise a digital fair as well as the conference in this difficult time with such great success, and who managed to bring inspirational people together showing a strong continuity in leading the performance textiles market.


Photo: Performance Days

Anna Rodewald

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