100% Repurposed, Recycled or Responsible by 2022

Cotopaxi announces bold sustainability goal: Entire product collection will be 100% Repurposed, Recycled or Responsible by 2022.

B Corp and outdoor brand Cotopaxi announces earlier this month its goal that 100% of its product line be certified as using materials certified as either responsible, recycled, or repurposed by 2022. At the time of writing, 90% of its products currently meet this criteria, and 94% of Cotopaxi products sold in 2020 included a majority of materials that were responsible, recycled, or repurposed.

While Cotopaxi’s core giving and mission remains centered on solving poverty, the brand is committed to addressing its contributions to climate change, which has become a leading cause of economic inequity. To achieve this goal, Cotopaxi has partnered with Climate Neutral, a nonprofit organization working to decrease global carbon emissions, to achieve carbon neutrality in 2021.

At the Intersection of Poverty, Climate and Biodiversity

Beyond aiming to serve a growing consumer trend towards sustainable purchasing, Cotopaxi was founded to alleviate poverty and recognizes the critical role climate change and biodiversity collapse plays in contributing to poverty. To ensure that Cotopaxi mitigates its negative impact upon society and environment, the brand has partnered with Climate Neutral to achieve carbon neutrality by measuring, reducing and offsetting 100% of its carbon footprint in 2021 as well as launch and scale resell and repairs programs.

Davis Smith, Cotopaxi’s CEO and co-founder said:

“Cotopaxi has always strived to design in ways that reduce waste and contribute to sustainable development. We’re thrilled to advance our commitment to environmental and social practices that improve the lives of all those who touch and contribute to our brand.”

In addition to measuring, reducing, and offsetting its carbon footprint in 2021, Cotopaxi is also exploring additional opportunities around circularity.


For more information on Cotopaxi’s sustainability goal and products, visit cotopaxi.com