Fall 2021: Three Sustainability Events Not to Miss

The on-site trade shows and conferences are coming back this Fall. Here are three international events to keep an eye on – and hopefully visit – during the next months.


Next Textile

Oct. 12

First up this fall, Next Textile takes place on October 12th in Borås, Sweden and offers a hybrid event with the aim to give all parts of the textile industry guidance to strategy and future decision-making.

Interested in attending? Visit the Next Textile website for more information. Suston readers will get a 25% discount by using the promo code NT-20-21.

Textile Sustainability Conference

Nov. 15-19

Next up is Textile Exchange’s annual global sustainability conference, this year in collaboration with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The event will take place in Dublin, Ireland as well as virtually, and aims to explore sustainability trends, create connections and partnerships and learn from experts on the most pressing sustainability topics.

For more information and the event schedule, visit the 2021 Textile Sustainability Conference website.

Performance Days

Dec. 1-2

Last in line for 2021 is Performance Days, hosted on-site in Munich and virtually. This is the functional fabric fair of the year where designers, product, purchasing or material managers interested in the latest trends and innovations in the textile industry can gather for education and inspiration.

For more information and the event schedule, visit the Performance Days website.



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