Performance Days Sets New Key Focus: Carbon Neutrality

Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair announce that they will devote their next three fairs to the key Focus Topic of Carbon Neutrality

More and more sports and fashion brands are setting themselves the goal of becoming climate neutral within the next few years, on a corporate as well as product level. The CO2 balance serves as the gateway to sustainable apparel and for more transparency for the consumer. This process begins with the materials supplied by textile producers, requiring knowledge of the amount of CO2 emitted during production. By evaluating and quantifying CO2 emissions, the industry gains in transparency and can turn to more sustainable options.

In close cooperation with sustainability insights platform Higg and partners such as Climate Partner, Performance Days Munich and Functional Fabric Fair by Performance Days Portland seek targeted answers to the question, “How can we cut down on CO2 emissions?” as part of its roadmap over the next three fairs. The Focus Topic “The Journey to Carbon Neutrality” will therefore highlight materials and fibers that provide solutions on how to produce and reprocess materials in the future in a climate-friendly manner.

Roadmap over three fairs: Focus Topic “The Journey to Carbon Neutrality”

Focus on climate and climate protection is a question of survival for us as humans and concerns everyone. A pioneering example on the road to sustainability was Performance Days’ decision to only present sustainable materials at the Performance Forum from the trade fair event in November 2019 onwards. And from the upcoming Spring Fair onwards, the sustainable approach will be heightened further. Within the framework of this roadmap, the new Focus Topic is intended to accompany exhibitors on their way to climate neutrality over the course of three fairs. In doing so, Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair are pursuing a 3-step plan.

  • Step 1, April 2022: The focus of the upcoming fair will be on CO2-reducing technologies and the measuring of a product’s carbon footprint.
  • Step 2, November 2022: Within the entire Focus Topic product category, only products that indicate CO2 emissions caused during production will be shown. This contributes to more transparency and comparability in the industry.
  • Step 3, April 2023: The Performance Forum will present the amount of CO2 emitted by each individual product. Furthermore, approaches to solutions will be shown as to how CO2 released during the manufacturing of materials can be offset and further reduced.

Reducing carbon footprint with new technologies and opportunities

Attendees to the fair have every reason to be excited: As usual, Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair will showcase an inspiring and in-depth overview of new materials, trends and innovations from exhibitors at the exceptional Performance Forum. In the “Focus Topic” category, only material and fiber manufacturers who can demonstrate a reduced carbon footprint can participate. The event organizers and jury members wish to know which strategies were used in production to reduce CO2 emissions, which technologies contributed and how these were measured. Factors considered in the evaluation include energy-saving steps, resource conservation, the use of sustainable materials, local production, CO2 offsetting in general, along with further exciting technologies.

Such approaches are made visible at the Performance Forum with new, additional Performance Codes such as “CO2-neutral” and “CO2-reduced“. Visitors can find out about the new Focus Topic online as part of the digital sourcing platform “The Loop”, which is available all year round. Alternatively, all content can be viewed live at the fair on the Focus Topic Wall in the Performance Forum area. In addition, the first and second days of the fair will also host the accompanying popular Expert Talks. Industry experts and insiders likewise will give talks and inform about this year’s Focus Topic. Innovations, developments and the latest technologies will be reviewed and presented in stimulating discussion rounds and specialist talks.

Sustainability Partners: Higg and Climate Partner

For the best possible implementation and presentation of the new Focus Topic, Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair trust in collaborators: Higg and Climate Partner – amongst others – will accompany the next three fairs. The Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) is considered the leading tool for assessing the environmental impact of materials in the apparel, footwear and textile industries. The Higg MSI is able to calculate the environmental impact of millions of possible material manufacturing variants. A packaging library has also been added to assist in making sustainable decisions for packaging. The Higg Index is neither a certificate nor a label, but rather an important self-assessment tool that textile companies can utilize internally to be able to identify and improve environmental and social issues throughout their value chain.

Climate Partner, on the other hand, seeks solutions for climate protection: This involves the balancing of CO2 emissions – which in turn are to offset the emissions of companies with recognized climate protection projects in order to make products, services and companies climate neutral. Climate Partner also sees itself as an advisor to companies on their climate protection strategies. Together, the aim is to work on reducing CO2 emissions and to support climate protection projects that benefit the everyday lives of people in developing countries.


About Performance Days

Performance Days is the sourcing fair for functional fabrics and accessories where designers, product and purchasing managers, decision makers as well as start-ups for sportswear, sportive fashion, athleisure and workwear collections appreciate go to get inspired by the latest trends, innovations and product launches.

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