High-Intensity, 100% Recycled Collection

With Adrenalite, Ternua joins a growing number of outdoor brands offering 100% recycled collections.

The Spanish outdoor brand Ternua has just presented its highly versatile and wide ranging SS 23 collection where the Adrenalite line stands out. The line is focused on high aerobic intensity activities like trail running, e-biking or light hiking and has garments and accessories that are very lightweight and compactible so they can be carried in small spaces, are extremely comfortable and can be changed quickly and easily while the wearer is moving.

The innovation team at Ternua has pushed limits in Adrenalite SS 23 using 100% recycled and 100% Bluesign* textiles in the garments while maintaining the high degree of technicity. Furthermore, they’ve redone the style and colors of the garments, which can be combined with each other in many ways, and they’ve achieved a very attractive overall look. The anti-bacterial and anti-odor treatment Ternua has chosen for this line is C-Café, which comes from recycled coffee grounds and also provides UV protection.

Recycled, technical products

Insofar as products, the highlights are “nueva Neutrino” that has evolved to use the Shelltec Active Flex textile while keeping the same (20/20) transpirability and waterproof features, which is now called Cyclone JKT  Men and Women. This can be combined with the Cyclone Pant, which is designed with the same textile and features, and the Outrun pants or shorts, which are made with recycled Shellstretch that comes from recycled fishing nets from the Redcycle project.

In the jacket section, Ternua has included the Tailwind M&W wind breaker made with recycled Microshell, the Wildfire M&W jacket made of recycled thermal and breathable Warmshell, and the Thunder JKT M&W that is designed with a recycled StormFleece Pro textile that protects from the cold, wind and rain all at once.

For t-shirts, the brand has two options with the recycled Dryshell Breathe textile, the Step M&W, which is very lightweight and breathable, and the Move M&W, which is the same as the Step but it has a half zipper.

In addition to the Outrun pants mentioned above, the t-shirts and jackets are complemented by the Impulse capri pants for men and women and women’s leggings and shorts and the classic Helix shorts, which are all made with recycled Dryshell Breathe and are extremely comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

At the margin in the backpacks and accessories section, the brand has included the new Lite 15 backpack that is aimed at fast hiking and is made with 100% recycled textiles that have a PFC free water repellent treatment. It’s extremely lightweight and comfortable and it has a compact volume, a lightweight back and ventilated webbing, shaped shoulder straps and the main opening has a round zipper. It has several strategic pockets and a hydration system.


About Ternua

Ternua is the active brand that inspires people with an adventurous soul and outdoor spirit to connect with nature. People who recharge their energy outdoors with high-performance technical and multi-purpose garments that gives them the security and confidence they seek. A brand committed to sustainable innovation that protects the planet and people, with the use of its symbol that represents the relationship and respect between the two, its logo:  the tail of the whale.

To learn more, visit: ternua.com

Photo: Ternua


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