Vegan Climbing Footwear & Recycled Hoodies?

Speed and responsibility are the focus of La Sportiva’s Spring 2023 Climbing and Mountain product lines.

La Sportiva, makers of the world’s finest mountain footwear, today announces their climbing and mountaineering product offerings for spring 2023. The Italian brand is releasing several new climbing and mountaineering footwear models this year: the Aequilibrium Speed GTX, the Mistral, and the Miura VS. The Aequilibrium Speed GTX is a featherweight mountaineering boot designed to help climbers conquer challenging routes with speed and movement efficiency in mind. The new Mistral and the Miura VS are climbing shoes that meet the performance and ethical needs of the climbing community. La Sportiva also unveils a new line of climbing apparel that utilizes cutting-edge fabrics made from a variety of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

With recent advancements in gear, weather forecasting, and training, mountaineering continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. The Aequilibrium Speed GTX is designed to help push the limits of the sport even further. This ultralight, low-cut shoe has all the features climbers need to tackle technical mountaineering objectives at an accelerated pace.

“The Aequilibrium Speed GTX is a monumental leap forward in mountaineering footwear,” says Jonathan Lantz, president of La Sportiva North America.

“Every aspect of this shoe was designed to help climbers travel quickly over arduous terrain, allowing them to complete demanding routes without sacrificing protection, comfort or precision.”

This crampon-compatible waterproof offering weighs a mere 530 grams and features exceptional walkability, making it comfortable for long approaches or multi-day adventures in the alpine.

Aequilibrium Speed GTX Features

  • Innovative double heel construction increases the braking effect on descents and allows for a smoother roll.
  • Increased flex in the forefoot, allowing athletes to move faster over all types of terrain.
  • Water repellent outer gaiter made with internal bellows.
  • Internal ankle protection pad is seamlessly integrated with the outer gaiter.
  • Rear heel is compatible with semi-automatic crampons.
  • Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort waterproof membrane.
  • Quick-lace system made with 100% recycled material.

For Spring 2023, the new Mistral climbing shoe is designed for the climber who is seeking comfort and affordability in a vegan package. As veganism continues to grow across the globe, La Sportiva is dedicated to providing product offerings for this customer base. The versatile Mistral is made without animal-derived products that is perfect for climbers looking to improve their technique. The subtle asymmetry and moderate turn down make this shoe comfortable for long sessions while still providing power and precision. The Mistral features a Vegan Skinlike Microbase insole made with anti-odor microfibers and a recycled eco-friendly Frixion Eco® outsole made from rubber scraps of used climbing products.

The updated Miura VS is a secret weapon against tiny edges. This high-performance climbing shoe is ideal for precision pocket climbing, overhanging sport routes and technical faces. The updated heel uses recycled Frixion Eco® rubber and has a reduced outsole width, allowing for more precise heel hooks. A hook and loop closure system is combined with a one-piece leather upper to allow for sensitivity and confidence on micro-edges and smears.

Method Hoody

La Sportiva’s new climbing apparel line incorporates innovative eco-friendly fabrics that help reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance. The Italian brand is incorporating Repreve, a performance fiber made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials, into many of their products this year.

The Method Hoody for men and women is a perfect mix of performance and style that will keep you comfortable from the crag to the couch. This versatile hoody is made with Repreve fabric and features micro-shedding technology that helps to reduce the amount of plastic that is shed during the wash cycle. The Nomad Short Sleeve for men and women is an environmentally responsible button-down that can take you straight from the office to the trail. This stylish collared shirt is made from recycled Repreve polyester and natural Kapok fibers and features buttons made from coconut wood.


About La Sportiva

With over 90 years of heritage, La Sportiva has unrivaled experience in building the world’s finest performance mountain footwear. Creating innovation through passion, La Sportiva now offers the most versatile technical climbing, mountaineering, Mountain Running® and hiking shoes on the market as well as ski mountaineering hardware and apparel.

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Photo: La Sportiva


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