Isbjörn of Sweden is committed to making long-lasting outdoor clothing for adventurous kids and teenagers, choosing the highest performing and responsible materials and manufacturing processes each season.

Fall/Winter 2023 is no exception for the bluesign® approved brand that only fine-tunes existing products to make them even more sustainable. Highlights for the season include: Going completely PFA- free to even include zippers; using 100% recycled polyester in its popular Lynx microfleece range; and being one of the first to use PrimaLoft® Insulation with Ocean Bound Plastic, made from 100% recycled content with 60% sourced from coastal areas, in a new collection.

When it comes to designing products that can be handed down to siblings and friends again and again, Isbjörn’s famous Penguin Snowsuit is the perfect exam- ple. Still going strong after more than 15 years and winner of the coveted “Best-in- Test” (Bäst-i-Test) award in the premium category for nine consecutive years, the bluesign® approved Penguin Snowsuit is graded highly for its excellent durability and quality to ensure a long lifespan. Children also love the fact that they can easily take it on and off, having the independence to dress themselves, as well as enjoying wearing it in the snow.

The longevity of Isbjörn products is not only demonstrated by the durable materials used, but also in their clever design. All hardshell and padded products have grow-cuffs on the arms and legs, which add a further 3cm in length to grow with the child.

“The outstanding durability of our products is our silver bullet, doubling or even tripling the lifespan of our garments and reducing environmental impact by more than half,” shares Maria Frykman, CEO, Isbjörn of Sweden.

“The future wellbeing of children and nature has always been our DNA.”


Isbjörn’s Sustainability Roadmap

Isbjörn’s ambitious sustainability roadmap is clearly set, and Maria Frykman and her team are committed to becoming fully circular by 2030, completely microplastic-free by 2026 and Net Zero by latest 2045. Isbjörn’s booth will use the ISPO Easy Package, which is designed with reusable parts. This, in combination with not shipping the booth back and forth to Sweden, results in large money and resource savings as well as a lower-impact stand.


Photos: Isbjörn

Isbjörn of Sweden
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