Performance Days 2022: Time to score on carbon reductions

Performance Days in Munich is here, where the functional fabrics industry lines up to present its latest innovations. The show’s CEO Marco Weichert shares how this year, it’s “time to score” on reducing carbon emissions.

Marco Weichert, CEO, Performance Days

This winter’s event takes place in MOC Ordercenter in Munich, with over 275 exhibitors (and 385 more online) and over 400 curated products. For visitors searching for more sustainable materials, the area called Performance Forum is the place to be. Since 2019, all selected products must fulfill the Performance Forum’s defined standards. Each trade fair also has a theme, called the Focus Topic, that over the years has often highlighted important sustainability aspects, such as “Recycled? Challenges and opportunities” or “Water – our responsibility.”

This year’s theme, “The journey to carbon neutral,” was launched before the Spring edition for Performance Days and will continue until spring 2023.

“We wish to enable our visitors to make the best decision in terms of material selection, also in terms of CO2 neutrality,” says Marco Weichert, CEO of Performance Days.

“We have set up a three-step plan and have reached the phase ‘Time to Score’ at this fair.”

Thus, in the Focus Topic category, the green light to participate is therefore exclusively given to fabric innovations that could certify initial values in CO2 reduction.

“Circularity and new feedstock for polyester are other topics that will occupy us this November.”

Innovative recycling

Recycling has been a regular theme for many years, explains Marco Weichert. This winter’s portfolio, for example, ranges from the recycling of marine waste, such as old buoys, plastic waste or fishing nets, to the recycling of waste from the automotive and computer industries, such as old car tires or computer chips.

“During the pandemic, as more and more people began spending time in nature, people’s awareness has also changed, and they are even more careful when looking for sustainable and responsible products. In addition, the circularity of products and the CO2 footprint has become more of a focus and we in Sports and Outdoor have a pioneering role for the textile industry.”

Suston: Is there a limit where exhibitors and visitors would say “hey, this is a bit too much. We need to go back and focus on more traditional aspects”?

“No, on the contrary. We are seeing more evolution and revolution than ever before, which gives us high motivation to take a leading role in our industry.”


About Performance Days

This international hybrid event takes place in Munich on November 3 – 4, 2022. The functional fabric industry meets sports and outdoor brands, listens to expert talks and panel discussions. In the area Performance Forum, selected products with a sustainability profile are presented.


Main photo: Performance Days

Gabriel Arthur

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