Waterproof Performance Down – Without PFC’s

Two new waterproof downs have hit the market, Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ and Nikwax Hydrophobic Down Recycled, which Nikwax claims to be the world’s highest performing waterproof downs yet.

Nikwax, the international leader in PFC-free high performance technical cleaners and waterproofing products for outdoor apparel, footwear and gear, has introduced two high performance waterproof downs — Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ (NHD+) and Nikwax Hydrophobic Down Recycled (NHD Recycled). The two PFC-free options offer a more sustainable solution at the highest level of performance available.

Touted to be the “world’s highest performing waterproof down fill,” these downs have the following credentials to back up the claim:

  • Completely PFC-free formula
  • Exceeds 10,000 minutes on the IDFB 18a Shake Test
  • Responsible Down Certified (RDS)
  • Keeps users dry more than 600% longer than competing waterproof down products


Similarly, “the world’s highest performing waterproof recycled down fill” has its share of sustainability credentials:

  • Completely PFC-free formula
  • Exceeds 1,000 minutes on the IDFB 18a Shake Test
  • Global Recycled Standard certification available (GRS)
  • Comprised completely of recycled down fill
  • Keeps users dry more than 900% longer than untreated down


With 45 years of experience in perfecting high performing PFC-free aftercare products, Nikwax is able to deliver the highest performing hydrophobic down products to outdoor industry brands. Nikwax takes its fundamental responsibility to preserve the natural environment while preventing further damage to the planet and its people seriously. The company therefore continues to lead with innovative, sustainable, ethical, authentic, and fair practices.

“Our industry partners have been searching for high performing, PFC-free, sustainable hydrophobic down fill options and we’ve been able to deliver two that are not only PFC-free but perform better than anything else in their respective categories,” says Nikwax North America president, Brian Davidson.

“Nikwax is known for being a leader in PFC-free chemistry, sustainability, and performance, and we’re looking forward to elevating our brand partners with these new insulation options.”


About Nikwax

Founded in 1977, Nikwax is the trusted global leader in environmentally safe cleaning and waterproofing solutions that extend the performance life of outdoor clothing, footwear, and equipment. The brand’s 45-year commitment to clean chemistry means never using PFCs or aerosols, and not testing on animals. Its product line is water-based and non-persistent, and all product bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic that can also be recycled. Nikwax has carbon balanced all 45 years of its operations and became an employee-owned trust in 2022.


Photo: Nikwax


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