With its innovative technologies, Polygiene helps athletes and everyday heroes cut down on washing and reduce energy use. Its mission? To redefine freshness and make sustainability a part of our day-to-day lives.

For freshness specialists, Polygiene, the connection between our everyday routines and the environment is clear. Whether it’s cycling to work, avoiding excess packaging, or watching energy use, changing the “little things” has a profound impact.

Polygiene calls this approach Mindful Living. It’s about being aware of how everyday actions affect our world and taking responsibility. It’s about making changes. Wash less. Buy less. Buy better.

Unbeatable performance – committed to keeping it fresh

As well as keeping users smell-free and contributing to a more sustainable clothing industry, Polygiene’s technological innovation encourages more Mindful Living.

Take Polygiene OdorCrunch. It’s an all-natural odor-absorbing solution made from filtered river water and silica. The silica absorbs oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur molecules – those responsible for bad odors – and breaks them down, permanently eliminating smells.

This enables users to wear clothing more and wash it less without worrying about unpleasant odors. Perfect for time-poor parents, travelers looking to pack light, athletes who exercise regularly, and anyone concerned with the environment.

Measuring the environmental benefits

As well as leaving clothes smelling fresher and the wearer feeling more confident and comfortable, Polygiene solutions have a positive environmental impact. A Life Cycle Analysis of Polygiene-treated T-shirts revealed skipping every second wash resulted in annual savings of:

  • 51 kWh
  • 3,800 liters of water
  • Four days of the wearer’s time.


By empowering customers to skip one wash, Polygiene technology reduced the T-shirt’s total environmental impact by a third.

Freshness in a (100% recycled) bottle, anyone?

Generally, Polygiene solutions are IN things, not ON things. But not always.

The new Storm x Polygiene OdorControl Spray enables users to apply freshness technology to their own gear. Packaged in a 100% recycled aluminum bottle, the spray tackles odor-causing molecules in textiles and is perfect for footwear, athletic apparel, and clothing.

As with all its products, Polygiene ensures everything is eco-friendly. It’s an aftercare spray, not an aerosol, and the technology is Bluesign approved and Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certified.

Working toward a more sustainable future

Complementing the brand’s existing Freshness products, the Storm x Polygiene OdorCrunch Spray is an exciting step into aftercare technology. It also demonstrates that inter-company collaboration and combining expertise and experience can push us toward a more sustainable future.

Photo: Polygiene

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