Brand Awarded for Climate Education Efforts

Last year, Haglöfs and its retail partner Bergfreunde implemented an awareness campaign on the topic of climate neutrality – for which the Swedish brand has now received the German Brand Award.

Haglöfs has set itself the ambitious climate protection goal of reducing its emissions by 50 percent over the next few years and achieving Net Zero by 2030. Along the way, they are taking full responsibility for the remaining emissions, through the purchase of high-quality offsets, making them per definition “climate neutral”.  However, since the term has been ubiquitous in recent years, but only very few people know what is meant by it, Haglöfs and Mountain Friends launched an educational campaign on the terminology “climate neutrality” last year. The term does not mean that a company has no emissions, but rather that the company has purchased a quantity of carbon credits equivalent to their carbon footprint in a process called offsetting.

On a dedicated landing page at Bergfreunde, interested parties were able to find out exactly how resources are handled along the value chain of both companies. At the same time, Haglöfs and Bergfreunde explained how everyone can make their contribution to the responsible use of outdoor clothing. The campaign was promoted via the company’s own newsletters, ads on social media and individualized postcards, among other things.

Thomas Geier, Marketing Manager at Haglöfs and responsible for the implementation of the campaign, explains:

“It was important to us to create awareness of what needs to be considered for a responsible purchase of outdoor products and, last but not least, to draw attention to the fact that responsibility does not end with the purchase decision of a climate-neutral product and shipping. After all, those who wear and care for a product over the long term can help make the best use of the resources consumed in its production by extending the product life cycle.”

Awareness campaign a success

The goals of the campaign were not to increase sales and conversion, but to draw attention to the much-discussed topic and make it understandable for everyone.

The click figures show that interest in the topic of climate neutrality is very high among end customers: the click-through rate, or CTR for short, was around 50 percent higher than all previous campaigns. In addition, Haglöfs saw a long-term increase in brand awareness and interest for the brand site.

“The campaign has shown that working closely with retail partners with shared values and goals can be very successful in creating awareness. We are pleased that interest in the topic is so high and that our effort has been recognized with the German Brand Award 2023. This confirms that we are on the right track and spurs us on to keep working towards our goals,” says Thomas Geier.

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, Haglöfs and its educational campaign were honored as Winner of the German Brand Award, an award for successful brand management in Germany.


About Haglöfs

Haglöfs is a Swedish outdoor brand committed to crafting sustainable and innovative gear. With over a century of expertise, it aims to empower adventurers with high-performance products to explore and connect with nature.
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Photo: Thomas Geier, Marketing Manager at Haglöfs (Credit: Haglöfs)


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