C.A.M.P. launches ESG programme “Responsible Evolution”

Italian climbing and safety equipment outfitter C.A.M.P. sets its sights on responsible governance, people, community, environment, and quality products as it launches its social and environmental responsibility program.

“We call it ‘Responsible Evolution, recalling the claim “Evolutionary” that we have introduced with our rebranding,” explains C.A.M.P. president Eddy Codega, before continuing:

“Adopting an ESG Agenda is for us a new challenge more in its form than in its essence.”

Since 1889, C.A.M.P. has operated in a remote mountain area, far from major communication hubs. Its ESG program (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aligns with its historical vision. It aims to continue its work while enhancing it, operating in a structured manner and sharing its approach to these matters organically.

“Responsible Evolution – Meeting the planet’s needs” signifies that its business evolution, including products, markets, and governance, will go hand in hand with corporate social responsibility. Its logo, inspired by nature, embodies the five pillars of its ESG strategic plan: Governance, People, Community, Environment, and Products. These are the areas where C.A.M.P. will focus its efforts and allocate its resources.

As Eddy Codega summarizes:

“Governance embodies the choices made by our company to preserve its existence and its development over time. For their part, choices cannot exist without People, who are the real protagonists of the history of C.A.M.P. and of the Community where we belong. The Environment is our source of inspiration. And every Product, the pivotal point of everything we do, embodies the passion and the values that set us apart.”

“Responsible Evolution” means advancing with teamwork, preserving their distinctive business character, and respecting the natural wonders made accessible by their daily work.

C.A.M.P.’s five pillared approach to ESG

GOVERNANCE: C.A.M.P. seeks responsible progress through its choices. It aims to integrate environmental and social criteria into its business model, setting short, medium, and long-term strategies. These strategies lead it toward its goals: participating in international ESG initiatives and projects, ensuring transparency and traceability in its supply chain, and publishing a sustainability report to share its impact.

PEOPLE: The driving force behind its evolution, people are the ones who pioneer new paths and deserve its utmost attention. C.A.M.P. promotes an inclusive and responsible company culture, shared well-being, and teamwork through continuous training and professional growth opportunities. Its ethical values remain consistent across four generations.

COMMUNITY: The roots of its development extend from its origins in Premana, a small mountain village in the Italian Alps. C.A.M.P. supports local associations and not-for-profit organizations, aiming to create and share values and provide assistance to these groups. It involves local stakeholders in its ESG journey and extends its support to communities beyond its immediate surroundings, particularly those involved in the outdoor world and the industrial safety market.

ENVIRONMENT: Its actions draw inspiration from the environment, mirroring the best mountaineers’ ethos of leaving no traces behind. C.A.M.P. measures its environmental impact and strives to reduce it, including using renewable energies in its facilities in Valmadrera, which rely on solar panels for energy, rather than natural gas.

PRODUCT: Products represent C.A.M.P.’s ultimate goal. It strives for quality, safety, and economic sustainability through alternative solutions, from raw materials to packaging. C.A.M.P. assesses the environmental impact of its products throughout their lifecycle and works to reduce this impact by integrating environmental design and circular economy principles into ongoing R&D processes.


About C.A.M.P.

C.A.M.P. is an iconic Italian outdoor brand with a long history that spans over a century. Known for its dedication to innovation and safety, C.A.M.P. offers a wide range of high-quality outdoor equipment, from climbing gear to camping essentials.

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Lead Photo: unsplash


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