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Where did Microfibers go?

A few years ago, everyone was talking about microfibers. The sustainability discussion has since moved on – but that didn’t mean the problem was solved.

By Gabriel Arthur

The Single Use Plastics Project

The Single Use Plastics Project is an EOG initiative to tackle single-use plastic waste. Project Manager Scott Nelson explains their work.


Facts You Should Know About Microplastics

We are becoming increasingly aware of the problems caused by microplastics. Suston gives you a quick lesson on the subject. What are microplastics and where do they come from? Microplastics are defined as tiny fragments of plastic measuring from 1…

By Nicolas Jändel

Save Our Seas

From the floating masses of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean to the microfibers covering sediment along our shorelines – the awareness is growing that marine pollution must cease. Suston lists five inspiring solutions.

By Jonathan Eidse

A Water-Efficient Innovation

Nature continues to provoke and inspire ECCO’s researchers who have developed DriTan™, an innovative technology that drastically reduces the amount of water needed to tan leathers.


Ahead of its Time

Foreseeing the turn of the tide, Bluesign has been developing solutions to environmental and social problems in the supply chain 20 years before the industry even knew they had them.

By Bluesign