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How can we attract hiking novices to the great outdoors? The recently created Gotaleden trail in West Sweden makes hiking comfortable and enjoyable – and takes off in the center of Gothenburg.

Walking along the Vallgraven shopping district and through the Garden Society of Gothenburg in your hiking boots and with a backpack on might seem a little strange. But this – or more specifically the Kungsportsplatsen square in central Gothenburg – is exactly where the Gotaleden hiking trail begins. You may not believe it standing at this urban trailhead, but the tranquility of nature is actually not too far away. In just under four kilometers, you’ll find yourself wandering through the serene beauty of Delsjön nature reserve.

It is these contrasts in particular that make the new hiking trail through the heart of West Sweden so unique. It stretches through a bustling metropolis, to winding forest paths and on to surroundings brimming with Sweden’s cultural and industrial history. Eat lunch in the old factory, take a coffee break in the small organic bakery and round off your day with a tasty dinner and a nice, comfy bed.

An upgraded hiking experience

The Gotaleden trail is part of a major investment to bring hiking throughout West Sweden to a whole new level. Many of the region’s most beautiful and exciting hiking trails have been renovated, and hikers will experience plenty of culture and nature along the way – not to mention the various food and accommodation options.

Another important aspect is the accessibility. On the path between Gothenburg and Alingsås the Gotaleden trail passes by several train stations, making it easy to start or end the hike wherever it suits you.

There are highlights all along the 71 km of the trail, such as the Poppels microbrewery and the Le Mat hotel. Both are located in the old Jonsered factory area. Nääs Fabriker, the old factories close to Lake Sävelången that have been converted to a hotel and restaurant, are a perfect place to rest and enjoy yourself after a day’s hike. In Floda, the restaurants Garveriet and Jernbruket are worth a stop. And those are just a small selection of the places you can experience along the way.

Even more to discover

In addition to the Gotaleden trail, parts of the Bohusleden trail and the pilgrim paths in northern Dalsland and Skaraborg have also been connected to the West Sweden hiking initiative.

There is something for every type of hiker here – for both experienced hikers as well as beginners. So pack your backpack, lace up your boots and head this way to experience West Sweden on foot for yourself.


5 Paths to Try

The Gotaleden. Gothenburg–Alingsås. 71 km, medium. Suburban hiking, fantastic experiences in nature.
The Hyssna Trail. 40 km, medium. A nice two-day tour through cultural landscapes, exciting forest areas and past several lakes.
The Pilgrim Path Falköping– Varnhem. 44 km, light/medium. Family-friendly hike passing abbey ruins, prehistoric burial grounds and the bird lake Hornborgasjön.
The Pilgrim Path in north Dalsland. 81 km, medium/hard. Varied hiking through exciting nature with magnificent views.
The Sjuhärad Trail stages 3–7. 74 km, medium. Nice hiking through forests, agricultural landscapes and picturesque towns.

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Photo: Roger Borgerlid/West Sweden

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