Punta de Lobos Protected

The world-famous surf spot Punta de Lobos, Chile, has been added to a growing list of protected surfing reserves. In partnership with World Surfing Reserves and local communities, Save the Waves is the non-profit organization leading the effort to establish surf reserves across the globe. The problem it aims to address is the uncertain fate faced by countless surf locations as a result of pollution and excessive development. Many of the world’s most coveted waves have already disappeared forever, now buried beneath condominium and resort developments.

That’s why surfers, scientists and activists have teamed up to address this issue, using education, and research to protect coastal zones and ensure that no more “nugs” go the way of once-epic waves like Killer Dana and La Barre.

Punta de Lobos is known as one of the most iconic left-hand pointbreaks in the world and is Chilean surf culture’s center of gravity. In recent years, however, developers had been threatening to erect private condos and hotels along the coast. Following a concerted effort by Save the Waves, Patagonia and nearly a thousand other donors over $ 750,000 was raised, enabling the 4.5-acre property to be purchased and donated to the local nonprofit Fundación Punta de Lobos.

Punta de Lobos joins as the ninth member of Save the Waves’ World Surfing Reserves and a tenth reserve at Noosa, Australia, was also announced at Punta de Lobos’ dedication ceremony.


Jonathan Eidse

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