Patagonia Awarded 2022 Fabric of Life Award

For its nearly 50 years of “breaking barriers” in both products and responsibility, Patagonia has been awarded the 2022 Fabric of Life Award.

In times when the world went from lock down to shutting out it is important than to celebrate the brave.

Since 1973, the team employees of Patagonia Inc. together with founder Yvon Chouinard has been breaking barriers to build the best products but causing no unnecessary harm. They have equally long supported environmental grassroots activists, been the frontrunner in promoting fair labor practices, and corporate responsibility encouraging other companies to do the same.

Furthermore, Patagonia also initiated the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and established the 1% For the Planet Fund. They were also the first company in California to achieve a B-Corp label. This year another first ascent was routed by inventing a new kind of ownership when “Going purpose”, as 100% of the company ́s stock was transferred to the Patagonia Purpose Trust, to protect the company’s values, and the Holdfast Collective, to fight the environmental crisis.

In presenting Patagonia with the International Fabric of Life Award 2022, the award jury wanted to honor the 40 years of exploring the opportunities that lays in combining profitable business with great products and respect for nature and people.


About Fabric of Life Award

The Fabric of Life Award was founded in 2021 by Sweden´s leading fashion entrepreneur, Paul Frankenius, in honor of the 400th anniversary of the city of Boras, his hometown and the capital of Sweden´s textile industry. The winning nominees are selected by an international jury (Babba Rivera, Ceremonia, Haysun Hahn, Fast Forward Trending, Hanna Wittrock, Swedish School of Textiles, Linus Karlsson, IKEA, Charles Ross, School of Design at the Royal College of Art and Martin Kössler (chair).


Main photo: The Fabric of Life Award


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